Information about participation

What we'll be doing


This year we plan to hold a 1-day workshop on sensemaking on Saturday, April 21, 2108.  This workshop follows in the tradition of previous CHI workshops on this topic (2005, 2007, 2009). 

Before the workshop, we’ll be collecting the position papers to be presented at CHI, starting up pre-workshop email discussions, bringing all participants to a common ground of understanding what varieties of sensemaking will be presented. 

Workshop Plans The workshop itself will be an exercise in group sensemaking in real-time (a common application of sensemaking practice). 

Based on the pre-workshop papers, submissions, and research activities, we will break up into teams to find the central organizing theme and structure of the field. In the afternoon, we will synthesize the findings of each team and create a larger, more diverse and explanatory document that tells us how and where sensemaking research is being done. 

Post-Workshop Plans After all of the accepted workshop papers are presented, we plan on doing a sensemaking session about what was just presented—“making sense of sensemaking.” The immediate output from this will be a poster to be presented at CHI 2018. We’ll discuss other possible venues for publishing this collection of papers (as a special journal issue, a collected volume, or as an e-book for future sensemakers to find and use easily). 


If you'd like to present a paper, please let us know (email your plans to 

Due date for paper submission: March 2, 2018. 

Date of notification:  March 30, 2018 

Preparing your paper

We're asking people who want to attend to submit a workshop paper using the CHI Extended Abstracts template (see below for link).  

Your paper can be on almost any aspect of Sensemaking, and can be a thought piece, a well-worked out theory of Sensemaking, or just an early set of observations about sensemaking that you've seen in your work. 

There aren't any page limits, but as always, being succinct is an advantage.  

Paper templates

Please submit your paper in the CHI Extended Abstracts Format.  (See the CHI Templates web page.)  

To submit the paper, please send it as a PDF attachment to